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2020 Band Information Book

The band program enables children to enjoy playing music as part of a group, and develops teamwork and a sense of achievement. The band program is open to students in Years 3 to 6. A band performance, blow test session and application to participate in the band program, is held in fourth term each year, and is aimed at Year 2 students or students from Years 3 to 5 for the following year. Practice sessions are held before and after school in the school hall. Children enrolling in the bands need to organise private tuition lessons prior to commencing with their instruments. There are two bands, as listed below:  

Concert Band

This band is made up of the students who are most accomplished on their instruments. Students who gain entry into the Concert Band will play more challenging and complex pieces.

Training Band

Training Band is the ideal opportunity for the students to become confident with their new instruments in an environment which is both supportive and fun.

All new band members will initially be placed in the Training Band, and be provided with the opportunity to progress to the Senior Band depending on their ability.

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