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The school has a "No hat, no play" policy and school hats are compulsory for the whole year.



Head lice are passed on from hair to hair contact and are a common problem in schools. Head lice cannot crawl along desks, live in hats or jump from one head to another. When a ‘head lice'letter is sent home we ask that all children have their hair checked and treated that evening. Head lice can be treated using the comb and conditioner method or using the treatments available at the chemist.



John Purchase encourages home reading. In K-2 students are supplied with home readers from their classroom teacher. Home reading is meant to encourage phrased and fluent reading and will typically be a few levels below what they are working on in the classroom to develop oral fluency. Please speak to your classroom teacher if you have any questions about home reading.



Homework is a valuable part of schooling which involves practising, extending or consolidating class work. Homework trains students to plan and organise time and develops a range of skills in identifying and using information sources. It establishes habits of study, concentration and self discipline.


Staff roles include:

  • ensure homework supports class work
  • set homework which enables students to demonstrate what they can do
  • give students enough time for the completion of tasks and consider other commitments children have such as leisure and physical activities
  • provide relevant feedback to students about their homework
  • attempt to set homework which takes the following recommended daily time to complete: 


Our school recommends the following times as a guide to how much time should be spent daily in the completion of homework:


Kindergarten  5 -10 minutes (home reading and sounds practice)

Year 1    10-15 minutes

Year 2    15-30 minutes

Years 3 & 4   30 to 40 minutes

Years 5 & 6   30 to 60 minutes


Parents and Carers role:

Parents support and encourage students'learning at home. Where possible, a set time and place for homework and study should be provided. Parents should communicate any concerns about their child's homework or approach to it, to their child's teacher.



Students complete their homework to the best of their ability and return it to school by the due date.  Students on extended leave may be asked to read daily, keep a diary, learn about different aspects of their holiday environment and/or practise basic maths skills. Teachers will sight this homework once the student returns but parents are asked to assist the children and correct work in this situation. This will facilitate ongoing learning while the children are away.



Our school hours are from Monday to Friday from 8:55am to 2.50pm. As supervision by teachers in the playground commences at 8.25am, students should not arrive before then.


Bell times are:

8.55 am            Morning line up

10.55 am          Recess

11.15 am          End of recess

12.35 pm          Eating time

12:45 pm          Lunch play

1.25 pm            End of lunch

2.50 pm            Home time

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