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See Merit Awards' for the schools award system.


John Purchase Public School has an excellent reputation for its student welfare and the positive behaviour displayed by our students.


We recognise this positive behaviour through our rewards system and celebrate it with parents who provide the foundation values and respect in their children.


Each year when we hold our school tours parents are impressed by the behaviour and courtesy they see our students display towards each other.


The school also takes a proactive approach to behaviours that do impact negatively on others.

Practical activities have been developed and lessons implemented in all classrooms for our Anti-bullying program, Drug education, Child Protection and Peer Support programs.


If behaviour incidents happen at school we respond to them and the children are given the opportunity to talk about what happened. We realise children make mistakes and our aim is for students to learn how their behaviour may affect others.

As a school we also operate within the guidelines of the Department of Education Wellbeing Policies.


Teachers are proactive with behaviour books in each classroom and our policy focuses on keeping parents informed of significant and/or ongoing behaviour issues.


Most inappropriate behaviour is managed by the class teacher or playground duty teachers.

If inappropriate behaviour persists, students are referred to a member of the school executive to monitor the behaviour and notify parents that a child's behaviour is causing concern.







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