John Purchase Public School

Advance Together

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About our school

John Purchase Public School is proud of its inclusive, outcomes-based, developmental approach to teaching and learning, acknowledging different learning styles and rates.

The school is well-resourced and actively supported by an interested parent body. School-based priorities for this year have included Mathematics, Technology, the Integrated Curriculum, P.D./Health/P.E. Assessment and Reporting, Extension and Enrichment and the Olympics.

The school continues to respond to the growing need to support children with learning difficulties and the integration of students with special needs. Our values and beliefs underpin the school's vision to Advance Together - Strive for Excellence.

The school's purpose as outlined in our mission is to: recognise and cater for individual needs and talents; establish close parent, teacher and community relationships; foster an Australian identity while recognising cultural differences; strive for excellence in learning programs; develop each student's self esteem; develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and concepts necessary in a complex, changing world.

Principal's Message

I warmly welcome you to the John Purchase Public School website!

We are very proud of the deservedly excellent reputation our school has within the community. Our school's superior academic results as demonstrated in external results such as NAPLAN as well as school based data, the wide range of curricular and extra curricular opportunities provided to students, and the committed, hard working and caring staff, characterise our school situated in the north western suburbs of Sydney.

The school honours individual learners through its strong learning support structures and programs, differentiation strategies and Gifted and Talented programs. We warmly invite families around the globe to our welcoming, high performing school.

Our school vision is: Empowering learners today, for tomorrow!

At John Purchase Public School, we are preparing our students as lifelong learners with the skills and dispositions to connect, succeed and thrive in an increasingly complex and technological world.

Our school community is committed to developing confident, competent and resilient young  people who work collaboratively to continually improve and achieve excellence. We believe in fostering students' joy and curiosity in learning, within a caring, inclusive and supportive environment.

Our school expectations of respect, responsibility and aspire, underpin our everyday practices.


Our three school directions are:

Growth & Attainment

To improve growth and attainment, we will develop practices to ensure our students are appropriately challenged and supported in reading and numeracy, within a culture of high expectations; enabling them to connect, apply and transfer deep understandings across key learning areas and achieve academic excellence.


Student Agency

To empower agency, efficacy and a love of learning; whereby all students develop the capacity and propensity to co-regulate their own learning, so that our learners develop and use the skills, capabilities and dispositions to thrive in an ever-changing, increasingly complex world.


Impactful Practice

When students, teachers and leaders collaboratively and astutely collect, analyse and use relevant data, with an evaluative thinking lens, as an embedded daily practice, teaching and learning is responsive to the needs of the students and optimal learning outcomes are fostered. This supports our pursuit of excellence for all students.]


We have a friendly, positive and supportive school community. Our parents are partners in the education of the children, and they inform and support school directions and student achievement. Our fabulous P & C Association works tirelessly to support our school and parent community through various activities such as fundraising and special events. John Purchase is an active member of the Cherrybrook Community of Schools, working with neighbouring schools to deliver quality learning programs.

Thank you for visiting the John Purchase Public School website. Our website is continually being updated so that it remains informative and relevant. Whether you are already a valued member of the John Purchase community, a potential enrolment or whether you are a visitor browsing the site, I hope you find the site informative and helpful and that the pages begin to convey the unique qualities of our school: caring, friendly, innovative, high performing and futures focused.

Please contact our school office on 98753100 or if you would like further information.

Leonie Black