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Scholastic Book Club

Book Clubs Loop Information (pdf 184 KB)


Scholastic Book Club provides students with an opportunity to buy a great range of quality books.


John Purchase Public School participates in the Scholastic Book Club which is run jointly by teachers and parent volunteers within the school.  Book Club brochures are sent home with your children at least 8 times a year (twice per term, with the occasional extra).

Instructions for purchasing from Book Club:

  • Buying from Book Club is optional and we advise parents to be in control of your child's purchases.
  • Unless otherwise stated, orders are due back the Monday after the brochures are distributed.  A Book Club News section will be published in the school newsletter with details and reminders each time an issue is given out.
  • An order form is on the back of each brochure.  The order form must have your child's name and class on it and the quantity and amount due. Return the order form & payment enclosed in an envelope, which must also have your child's name & class on it.  Alternatively, you might prefer to order directly online through Scholastic's LOOP system:  See below for details.
  • Do not combine Book Club forms and payments with other school paymentsfor fundraising, excursions etc.  We operate separately to the school admin office.
  • Hand orders to the class teacher- never put them in the red box in the office.
  • If there are items you wish to order and you do not want your child to see them, please contact the Book Club Coordinator beforehand and/or mark this on your order clearly and include your phone number so that we can contact you to arrange a discreet delivery.
  • Payment can be by credit card, cheque or cash (correct amount onlyno change given, nor foreign coins accepted, and short changed orders will be returned).
  • When ordering from more than one brochure, make only one credit card or cheque payment for the sum total of all the brochures ordered from. Simply attach all the order forms to the one payment.
  • Credit card paymentsmust be made online or by phone before placing your order.  Write the credit card 11-digit receipt number in the space provided on the back of the brochure, (which also has the web address and phone number you need).  Never write your actual credit card number on the form.
  • Cheques should be made payable to Scholastic Australiaas stated on the brochure.
  • The books are distributed back to the classes up to two weeks after processing, sometimes earlier.
  • Occasionally, Scholastic may not be able to fulfill your order, and will issue you with a credit voucher which you may either use towards your next purchase, or gain a refund by following the instructions printed on it.
  • If a book or other product has some kind of fault with it, contact the Book Club Coordinator to organise an exchange or refund.

The Book Club Coordinator always needs volunteers to help with processing orders and distributing the books to the classes.  If you have some spare time on Monday mornings, even if its only 1 hour, please let me know or just show up at the Hall Annexe on the given date of processing.  Order unpacking and distributing is usually done the following Monday in the Hall Annexe, unless otherwise communicated.

If there are any questions or problems, please call me on 0419 263 006, or email me at

LeeAnne White

Parent Volunteer Book Club Coordinator

Scholastic Book Club